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This book is all about jewellery from the Middle East and North Africa. These objects of adornment are not just beautiful, but often carry a hidden meaning. Jewellery plays a subtle role in everyday society as communicator, messenger, protector and bank account: understanding jewellery reveals these messages. Desert Silver introduces the historical, social, economic and religious background of this traditional jewellery, embarking on a colourful journey from the steppes of Central Asia to the seaside trade ports of the Maghreb. This revised edition of her succesful first publication of Desert Silver is larger, more colourful and with more information and images than the first edition of the book. Sigrid van Roode is Egyptologist and has been researching and collecting traditional jewellery for over two decades.

Desert Silver

Productcode: 0077
€ 29,95Prijs
  • Paperback, full colour, 168 pag, 27 cm x 24 cm

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